Official Launch of TitanWars Interlude PvP/Craft on 04 of December 2020 18:00(London time).


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We're preparing for official launch of Titan Wars Interlude x10 PvP/Craft. Our very first server.

-We took one of the most popular L2 Interlude chronicles and customized it by our Titan Wars Team, it's one of the most popular chronical of this game and we wanted to save original game as much as possible and we're just added some comfortable futures to the game play, we saved all the quests and balance of the original game as it should be in Interlude. With time we're gonna be updating and defining it's game play for our players.

-We're lunching Open Beta Testing of the game on 22.11.2020 - 12:00(London time) (date with OBT might be delayed for 1-3 day but aiming to make everything ready by Sunday)
It will end on 3 of December 2020 during this time you're gonna be able to download the game and check it out and you can influence any changes in the game and help us to fix any issues with the game before official lunch, if you found somethings please do let us know on forum (link will be added soon) so we can fix it and for most active helpers we will be giving rewards!

-Official Lunch of the game starts on 04.12.2020 - 18:00 (London time)
Be ready!

-We're added 5000 of GOLD - EVENT for our players to make battles more intense for castles & Epic Raid Bosses read more on forum. (Read More)

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Не могу поменять пароль ??
Что я делаю не так?
Нужна Ваша помощь.


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Как поменять пароль?
Может я делаю что то не так?
Прошу помочь.
С уважением.


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Добрый день.
Ваш форум мне показался очень привлекательным и перспективным.
Хочу разместить рекламное место для баннера в шапке, за $400 в месяц.
Платить буду через WebMoney, 50% сразу, а 50% через 2 недели. И еще, адрес моего блога - он не будет противоречить тематике? Спасибо!
Прошу написать о Вашем решении мне в ПМ или на почту [email protected]


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Can you tell me how can I change my password?
Can I create a new username and password?
Please help.
Yours faithfully.